Inscouter - Get More Tags Tracker For 5000 Likes

Inscouter - Get More Tags Tracker For 5000 Likes

Inscouter - Get More Tags Tracker For 5000 Likes

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When you are using Instagram, are you tired of typing tags while posting photos? Would you like to have more instagram followers and more likes for instagram? Try to use InScouter - Get More Tags Tracker for 5000 Likes.

This App gives you a chance to have more followers and increase 1000+ likes on Instagram by using our hashtags function. This function provides well-prepared tags in different groups and you can copy and paste those tags, thus you don’t have to typing all the tags by hand.

How does it work:

Click the “Tag Analyse” icon on the lower left corner, you will see 3 categories of tags:

The first category is “Usage Frequency of Tags” where you will find a list of tags in the order of usage frequency.
The second category is “No. of Like by Tags”, from which you can see tags that were liked by most users.
In the third category, “Hot Tags Recommendation”, we present a series of tags based on user’s previous preferences.

Click the “Hashtag” icon you will see different groups of tags. Try to find the group that fits your post most, then you can copy those tags to Instagram without typing by yourself.

With this App you can get likes, get views, and gain followers for instagram. Your instagram account will be more likely to be popular!

What's New in Version 1.1.0

-Bug fixes